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Colleción de Origen Colleción de Origen


Great sense of origin

Minimal oenological intervention and a different perspective

An authentic line of five grape varieties that stands out for its viticultural innovation, seeking a different look at the classic Chilean varieties.

Colleción de Origen

Inspired by a unique garden,
full of life and color.

Colleción de Origen

This line of wines is the true reflection of honest work based on origin, noted for its winemaking innovation. In keeping with this, its portfolio is made up of the following varieties, each one a unique expression of their origin: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Chardonnay and Field Blend Blanco. Its source of inspiration: the labyrinth in Doña Paula’s garden, made up of boxwood, one hundred year-old trees and a variety of flowers.


Floresta 100% Carménère

The grapes from this wine are grown in a very old, unique plot of Carménère vines in the heart of Apalta, Colchagua Valley. The soil in the foothills has a moderate depth and good permeability. The cracks in the granite allow the roots to grow deeply and the vines to develop a unique balance, controlled vigor and to produce grapes that express all of this traditional, dry-farmed vineyard.

Floresta 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine comes from a plot of Cabernet Sauvignon vines planted in the hillside of the Alto Jahuel vineyards in the Maipo Valley. The soil is of a colluvial origin with a high number of angular stones and a low concentration of clay, which regulates vegetative growth and gives an equal balance. Tasting Notes: A deep, ruby red wine, with aromas of red fruit: cherry and raspberry. Underneath, are notes of stone and graphite with well-integrated notes of wood, providing a broad and concentrated palate. Fresh, structured, and with a long, persistent finish.

Floresta 100% Cabernet Franc

This wine comes from the highest part of the vineyards in Pumanque, one of the zones nearest to Colchagua’s coast. The vineyard was planted in 2002. The sea breezes have an important effect on the cooling of the vineyards, achieving a slow maturation process at the end of the season. Tasting Notes: An intense, ruby red wine, with a delicate aromatic intensity and notes of red fruit, spices and dried herbs. Underneath, there are notes of wood, gently providing layers of cedar and rainforest.

Floresta 100% Chardonnay

This wine comes from the typical soils of the second terrace of the Limarí Valley and consists of alluvial deposits with a first layer of clay texture and a second of clay loam with stones. The grapes are harvested by hand and brought to the cellars overnight, this assures a natural drop in temperatures for the process, between 10-12ºC. Tasting Notes: A bright yellow wine. On the nose it’s an elegant wine, austere and dry, dominated by white fruits, flowers, white peach and pear, with a touch of stony minerality.

Floresta Field Blend Blanco

A blend of white grapes which grow mixed in the same Apalta terroir: Semillón, Sauvignon Vert, Moscatel, Torontel and Corinto. In the past, these grapes were eaten fresh as table grapes. Today, they are crafted with minimal intervention and as if they were red grapes, fermented with their skins, honoring the oldest way of winemaking in Chile. Tasting Notes: A wine with a bright, intense yellow color. The vinification of this wine gives it a tremendous aromatic intensity, firm palate, good structure and excellent acidity.


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Colleción de Origen

Floresta Chardonnay